Company details

Clifton Scientific Text Services provides scientific institutions, such as Research & Development (R&D) centres (or centers), universities, technology institutes, technical support departments, with all services related to scientific texts, such as reports, patents, articles or magazines, manuals, brochures and leaflets, &c.

These services can, among others, be

The services can even extend to the actual supply of dedicated hardware and software for creating your own scientific texts.

Of course all these services are also open to institutions or departments, which are not primarily involved with science and technology, such as marketing departments, or legal departments.

All work is based on many years of hands-on experience in chemical and technological reporting. Examples of these can be provided on request.

For further information about specific activities, you are kindly invited to contact me per e-mail, per post (Clifton, Marter 13, 1273KD Huizen, the Netherlands), per telephone or per telefax (+31 355 242 319).

We shall be highly pleased doing business with you.

Wim van Dorst, manager