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Interesting links to other (un)related websites

This list provides persons with similar interest as myself a nice overview of links, that are not obvious or easily found elsewhere. These links are where the real gems can be found!

Linux, Unix and BogoMips

Some links related to the unix operating systems, and they oddities, tools, information sources, &c.

vi Alpha Linux New! Linux.com /. Freshmeat Linux doc Crusoe EM86 KDE Home linux games OrangesHerbert Sane Mutt Kermit Jargon File Everything Linux

Web stuff

Some links about browsers, web search engines, net administrative organizations, &c.

Opera browser Best viewed with any browser Fully HTML 4.0 compliant Plucker NetWizards Fully PNG JavaScripts jsboost Altavista Ask Jeeves Google Ilse AddMe NetCenter DevEdge NIC.net NIC.nl

Colonel Clifton comics

Some links about comic cartoon books, such as Clifton, and other cartoon characters.

pep Strips.Net Lombard off strippagina Strip-db Dolfijn European Comics Crisly Kees Buis Martijn\'s dilbert Big Balloon ComicBase

Land Rover

Easily found links to founts of wisdom about Land Rovers, their VINs, mailing lists, some shops, link sites, &c.

LR disco2 lr-discovery mailing list disco2owners mailing list NL-LRO Mailing list Rover Links ORC DiscoWEB LR Smoelenboek uab Phyl Landy Am. Rovers autoboek John Craddock Safety Devices Famous Four LR Supermarket British4x4 CoverArt LRClub Luxembourg Trek Outfitters Landrovertech DiscoII Off-Road Club Expedition Exchange GotMud Bill Burke Rover Accessories Inverco Belgie Difflock magazine Matt Savage Parts LR-FAQ MudPlug 4WD Online 4x4CB LRW organization Bobtail Russian VINs


Links that don't fit in any other paragraph, but are interesting enough for me to keep, somewhere.

iindex Oberon Sesamstraat Cefic The GIMP GIMP contest Gimp Savvy X Windows MultiMedia System gnokii Rugs in USA Cloudband Groot Dictee Blik op de weg Tweemaster Textile Art Steiner Buchhandler Greil

Just for evaluation

Some links just for trying out whether they are worthwhile for revisiting. Some may well be; others are a mistake, and will be removed in one of my future clear-out sessions.

Buying books
Website Garage
LR logo for nokia
D90 website
World Off-Road news
Land Rover Chronicle
Meridian Auto Part