Maasvlakte, outer Rotterdam harbour area

Here it is, all 5 MB of it, the long awaited film: click on the picture, and go get some coffee.


The day at the Maasvlakte was a bit a spur of the moment, nevertheless the old troup showed up for a bit of fun. The day turned out to have excellent weather, but then again it had been like that for some days already. The sandy and now dusty field, out there at the end of the Rotterdam harbour area, is a playfield where 4x4 off-roading is unofficially allowed. See the pictures to understand that Isolde and I had a nice day out there.

See? Not deep.
See? Not that deep. By the way, those shades of blue are nice, aren't they?
First things first: slip into my shorts during this suddenly hot day, and munch
We're all wondering whether he will do it. He did, effortlessly. Typically a case of gross overestimation of the difficulty of just a big hole in the ground.
Tractor-Tyre Tjeerd, of Flubbertje, kindly lending me a spanner for refastening my grill later on.
Three Miss Land Rovers, NN, Isolde and Robin.
the group
Some of the cars parked at the lunch area.

Watch the ground clearance

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