Ride in North Belgium, to Postel Abbey, May 2003

Just a simple straightforward roadbook tour through the north of Belgium, starting from Glabbeke, and ending at the Postel Abbey. My navigator is my old friend Tom Werkhoven, bringing along his son Ronald to accompany my son Roderick. Our forsome starts from Tom's house in Barneveld, and we drive in the Land Rover to Glabbeke in Flanders, roughly south of Weert in Brabant, taking the easy way via the motorways. We arrive timely, register and collect the road, and we are on our way.

During the tour, we notice lots of very appealing dirt roads to right and left, but since this is an all-road tour, the roadbooks directs us to mainly surfaced roads, limiting the sand exposure to one long stretch via a military field, in the second half of the tour, and finally some sandroads following the Dutch/Belgian border at the end of the tour, delivering us at the back of the parking lot of the Postel Abbey. After a uneventful ride back to Barneveld, the day out has pleasantly ended.

Text, Pictures, and editing Copyright © 2003 Wim van Dorst