Westpoort, West Amsterdam harbour area, off-roading with a group of friends

Both listed on the Internet website of the Land Rover Club Holland, I exchanged e-mail with Martin Veltkamp as he happens to live in Laren, merely 3 km from us. He's a good friend of Frans and Chris Fontijn, known from their merchandise booth, presented at various LRCH meetings. Chris is an active off-road driver, and participated with top results in some of the recent international off-road events. Frans is certified off-road instructor. Martin, humbly considering himself a novice to off-road driving, has arranged a lesson's day out with both of them, and kindly invited me and some other to join in Amsterdam, west harbour area.

Three LRs, ready for it; 
  out in the field; Frans, Wim, and Martin; You must go left here

It still is clearly signposted as 'Dangerous area,' but unfortunately, access is only restricted for people who can't cross the unused railroad lines. Nothing that a Land Rover will notice. There's seven of us: four Defenders, a LightWeight, a quad and one Discovery Series II (guess whose). We had a very nice blubber bath today. At night, I think I hosed at least 20 kilograms of mud from the car. And as it is educational (go for you limits), I got stuck twice. The second time, they clearly told me NOT to open the door, otherwise the car would have been flooded with liquid mud.

If you only keep going;
  Attaching the cable; And its on

We did some very nice exercises, under the informative indications of Frans. Not even difficult exercises, but very educational. I gathered again important experience, also by merely watching others do the same thing. Later on the afternoon quite a crowd showed up on the area with off-road motorcycles (racing idiots), and custom built S*z*k* cars or karts (some with outrageous behaviour), so we called it a day.

Yes, that is the trail;
  Frans, close up; Martin in his 90; Martin, close up

Duties done (hot work, it was!), back in Laren, we pleasantly enjoyed a cool drink in the garden, with a friendly chat. That was what Laren was all about.

Martin is trying a left turn;
  Chris tries to clean, but it is fruitless, hehehe; Two LRs, afterwards;

Text, and editing Copyright © 2001 Wim van Dorst
Pictures Copyright © 2001 Groote Barn group, and Wim van Dorst