5. Signature

Isolde has now entered the age where reading and sending e-mail is so paramount that Dad must hand in his laptop during all daytime for this purpose. And if she isn't at it, her brother Roderick can spent the rest of the daylight time (and nighttime if we would allow him) at computer games, fortunately of the age-nine-approved type. But his is being caught up by his little sister, who now at the age of six can read all Dutch words that come before her eyes, on whichever medium, just like her siblings. Where did they get these voracious reading habits? Would having 500+ books in the living room have anything to do with it?

Met vriendelijke groeten, Wim 'Dad' van Dorst.

Wim van Dorst, Clifton Scientific Text Services, tel/fax +31 355 242 319
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