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Clifton Scientific Text Services, business information
Clifton Scientific Text Services provides scientific institutions with all services related to texts

Clifton: Rugs with Arabic Calligraphy
Some beautiful oriental rugs with Arabic calligraphic lettering.

Clifton: Comics (in Dutch)
Colonel Sir Harold Wilberforce Clifton, the flegmatic British colonel and sleuth was and still is one of the most loved, humorous comics heroes.

Family Van Dorst
This website is a personal website, therefore also about my family. Visit here Daphne, Isolde, Roderick or Conny

Clifton: Nice and interesting links
This list of links provides persons with similar interest as myself a nice overview of links, that are not obvious or easily found elsewhere. These links are where for people like me the real gems can be found!

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The BogoMips mini-Howto
This text gives some information about BogoMips, compiled from various sources such as news and e-mail. This text, initially started back in 1993 as BogoMips Information Sheet, is retrievable in the most up-to-date version from its homepage at, and from the various Linux archives in the file .../HOWTO/mini/BogoMips. Translations are available in Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Slovak from appropriate archives. An explanatory article, titled 'the Quintessential Linux Benchmark,' was published in the Linux Journal, vol 21, January 1996. The BogoMips is also explained in The Jargon File. New mini-Howto entries for unlisted CPUs will be highly appreciated. They can be send per e-mail to the author.

1. Lowest and highest BogoMips ratings
2. The frequently asked questions about BogoMips
3. Compilation of ratings
4. Signature

Land Rover

Clifton: Land Rover
Stories and pictures of trips in my Land Rover Discovery Series II, and other Land Rover fun.

CalVIN, the Land Rover VIN Calculator page
CalVIN is the Land Rover VIN CALculator. Fill in all characters (numbers and letters) of the vehicle identification number (VIN), serial number or chassis number for your Land Rover, and find out what each code letter and code number means.

I made some write-ups of the various trips that I made with my Land Rover. First I went to Belgium, a story also available in Dutch. Then I went on a greenlaning trip in Drenthe. Realizing that I needed some tuition, I subscribed to a 4wd beginners course. The Land Rover Club Holland organized a ride in Ommen, and the Land Rover Kroeg mailing list organized Cherry ride. With some friends we went trialling in Amsterdam Westpoort, followed a few weeks later by the second greenlaning trip in Drenthe. Finally, there are some other outings all written up in one various stories webpage.

Clifton Land Rover Kroeg calender 2002
Just for fun I made a glamour calender with left-over pictures of some outings of the Land Rover Kroeg mailing list.